At political consulting, we help candidates and causes not only build a solid platform of traditional electoral marketing and outreach, but we have noted expertise in utilizing new media and online resources to boost a campaign beyond the local and into the national spotlight.

  • We take your campaign to the next level


In today’s political climate, your campaign strategy must include an online presence that is both dynamic and persistent. Staying in-line with your overall campaign goals and strategies, our goal at Political Consulting is to build a winning online strategy that works on concert with your other campaign efforts as part of an overall, cohesive whole. We are an organization of media experts with backgrounds in technology, the Web, online and offline marketing, reputation management, and campaign consulting. We emphasize harnessing new media to gain a broader appeal and larger audience for you to bring better returns at the polls.


We work in tandem with your overall campaign presence, not in spite of it. Your goal is to get elected and to do that, you’ll need to raise funds. We offer you the capability to reach a national audience of donors, giving a local campaign national recognition and a national campaign local support.


Like fundraising, gaining volunteers towards your political goals is paramount to success in today’s climate. Our grassroots online work brings donors and volunteers to you through today’s social media in concert with your offline marketing. New media can mean gaining more volunteers than ever and seeing rallying cries and local efforts far outside of the usual realm candidates are often limited to. We can help you gain widespread support.

how to do it

The Internet is a big, disparate system of communication in which people talk with one another individually and in groups across various platforms. The idea of utilizing the Internet to communicate with the masses is not new, but the know-how to accomplish this in a consistent, measurable way is rarer that most would think.

As professionals who emphasise new media, we are experts in harnessing the tools and outreach systems on the Internet and the Web to garner your campaign more followers and fans than ever before. Using reputation management, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), viral marketing techniques, and engagement across platforms, we can help your campaign reach more people than it’s ever reached before. To get to the next level, you’ll need us.






Candidate mailers, phone polling, and all of the standard fare campaign outreach programs still have their place, but they’re limited. As the world evolves away from these old forms of communication, so does their capability to reach potential voters. On the cutting edge of politics are the forward-looking candidates and campaigns that look past those tired old boxes and into new realms outside of the box. That’s where we come in.

Voters now expect instantaneous 24/7 access to your campaign. Even small-scale elections have candidates becoming celebrities that are scrutinized by an ever-present mob of camera-wielding fans. This modern-day paparazzi can sink a campaign or candidate in a matter of hours. That’s where Reputation Management comes in. It bolsters the candidate’s credibility and helps waylay the negativity that one badly-timed photograph or questionable social meme can bring to a campaign.

“The only good defense is a strong offense,” and if you’re not running a strong offense in Reputation Management, you’re just begging to be push into defensive mode and, ultimately, failure. Voters want to see a candidate that is accessible, yet bulletproof. We help provide them that for your campaign.


Your campaign, cause, and candidate will need money to win the election. Even small, limited elections require some sort of funding to succeed. With the rare exception of the self-funded candidate, most campaigns require fundraising. Often on a massive scale. For most campaigns, raising money is the biggest challenge they’ll face. It doesn’t have to be.

Today’s world has an open, accessible economy thanks to the Internet. Learning to utilize the tools available online can take the struggling campaign into the realm of “over-funding” (if there’s such a thing). Grassroots fundraising is our specialty at Political Consulting.

Imagine your campaign seeing dozens, hundreds, thousands, even millions of donations of $5, $10, $20, or more from new-found fans and supporters, most of whom may be well out of your campaign’s geographical jurisdiction. An online audience of supporters can bring a groundswell of support and donations to a campaign, no matter its size and scope.

Here at Political Consulting, we specialize in new media and building Internet-based, grassroots support for your campaign or cause. We work closely with your candidate and campaign staff to craft and promote a strategy that will thrust your campaign forward and raise funds exponentially.


Let us work with you on your campaign and cause. With your campaign’s excellence and our expertise, who knows how far we can go together?